This is my little corner of the Internet. I'm an I.T. guy working in Bedford, Nova Scotia. I am currently doing mostly application support, it's complicated. Basically I keep the servers and applications going.

When I'm not doing that I'm probably running. I've run two marathons so far. I'm taking a break from training and teaching 5 and 10k clinics. This gives me an opportunity to give back to the running community. My road to the marathon.is described in my blog.

  • Photography

    I've been doing photography as a hobby for about twenty years. I've also done it professionally while employed in the Canadian Armed Forces.


  • Music

    Just purchased a Vox acoustic amplifier. I didn't even know they made them. I'm pretty excited. It's a sweet sounding amp.


  • Blog

    Having reached my goal of running a marathon I don't write much in it any more. In spring 2016 I'll start training for my third. I'll bring it back to life then.