Mike Larose

A Broken Promise and an Abandoned Dream

A blog I started to motivate me during training for my first marathon. The actual blog is hosted on Blogspot

My New Sparring Partner

Fought the good fight this May... April 7, 2014

I fought the good fight this May. I finished. But Blue Nose kicked my butt. I can still remember the fear in friend's faces afterwards. Apparently I was pale as a ghost. Just not any ghost. But a real pale ghost. Color eventually returned after rest and some bananas and anything else I could get my hands on to consume.

Fear and Lying in Nova Scotia

We all have that place. That place we hide the fear... January 17, 2014

We all have that place. That place we hide the fear, the doubt, the insecurity. That place makes us so vulnerable we not only hide it from others, we hide it from ourselves. You know the place. It's the place we call "deep down". You've had this conversation. "Deep down I know I should have", or "deep down, I knew if I tried a little harder...". And the more frightening and dark the secret, the deeper down it hides.